WHEN YOU WANT TO SUCCEED AS BAD AS YOU WANT TO BREATHE, THEN YOU'LL BE SUCCESSFUL.--------- We all have different ways to study and we may not always find ways that works best for us. I have put up this page to motivate you and give you tips on some topics you might need help with. [ps] posts are not mine unless stated. I dont intend to take posts for popularity. I repost then for myself and other students. -
can you please post your daily planner's photo?


This is from last year. I lost my current planner, but typically, my planner looks something like this :)

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your blog is so inspirational. Keep up the great work!


Thank you ! 

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What is your business ? And how did you get started? Any tips :D


I don’t own any business 

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I know this is super late

Thank you for those you sent me wonderful messages :) I read them when I was sick but at the same time, my Internet wasn’t working (until today) and Tumblr wasn’t letting me reply to the messages. 

Again, thank you!

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Watashi tape on the edges of papers. Great way to organize your notebook!

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3 options you can choose if you didn’t get into your first choice college [click for more]

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